Hoffland Environmental, Inc. (HEI), an employee owned company, was founded in 1978 with the purpose of providing the design and installation of wastewater treatment equipment to the metal finishing industry. The need for a competent, reliable contractor was apparent due to the demand of the new emerging governmental environmental regulations within that industry. HEI has successfully developed a library of knowledge on the economical treatment of toxic heavy metals, oil & grease, toxic hydrocarbons, suspended solids, and animal waste.

Conroe, Texas Office
• Conroe, Texas Office

HEI operates its own engineering and manufacturing facility in Conroe, Texas. The engineering offices incorporate the latest computer aided design equipment. The manufacturing facility includes steel fabrication to 20 tons with a maximum height of 32 feet, and complete sandblasting and coating equipment. A machine shop is maintained for the smaller sophisticated components. A complete electrical assembly area is utilized to manufacture both conventional systems and SCADA systems with CRT displays.

Adequate area is available to assemble and test skid mounted systems. A bench scale laboratory test facility is provided to custom design equipment to meet the customer’s specifications. Modem access computers are utilized to monitor and reprogram SCADA systems.

Robert O. Hoffland - Founder
• Robert O. Hoffland – Founder

From the first clarifier sold in 1978 to present, where HEI has completed a turn-key project requiring over 125 major pieces of environmental remediation equipment, HEI still operates under its original directive:

“We shall design, build and install each piece of equipment as if we were going to use it ourselves.”

With its in-depth process knowledge of wastewater treatment engineering, in-house manufacturing and project management background, the company has a significant competitive advantage in bidding complete environmental equipment packages and turn-key plants.

The company has the capabilities to assume total process responsibility, feasibility studies, design engineering, fabrication, installation, and start-up of environmental projects requiring any or all of the above major functions. There are over 500 projects completed for such major corporations as Hughes Tool Co., E-Systems, American Airlines, TWA, Douglas Aircraft, Burlington Industries, Shell Oil, Caterpillar, Ford Motor Co., General Motors, General Electric, Nissan, Outboard Marine Corp., Master lock, Fairchild, Lockheed, Phillips, U.S. Corp of Engineers, U.S. DOE, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and FAA.

In addition to the U.S., the company has supplied equipment to Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Sweden, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Egypt, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Turkey, Iran, Venezuela, Indonesia, Singapore, Ukraine, Brazil, Belarus, and Russia.

Remediation equipment is manufactured as individual pieces of hardware or may be skid-mounted preassembled units with interconnecting plumbing and electrical wiring completing the factory assembled system.

To date, the largest contracted turn-key project was valued at $33 million. Hoffland Environmental, Inc. has the ability to post treasury rated performance bonds, provided by independent insurance agencies, for all major projects. Hoffland Environmental, Inc., with its Professional, Chemical, Environmental, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineers, has been designing ground water, industrial wastewater, and remediation projects for over twenty-five years.

HEI provides innovative and economical solutions to the treatment of heavy metal waste containing lead, arsenic, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, or zinc. Cyanide, phenol and chromate wastes are economically treated to regulatory limits. Many times the metals are removed to less than detectable levels. Suspended solids are readily removed, concentrated and compacted to transportable solids. The hazardous waste may be economically dried further to reduce the disposal cost.

HEI manufactures its patented (US Patent No. 4747691 and 4952066) Polymixer to dilute, rapidly mix, and in-line age the polyelectrolyte providing a fully activated polymer. Since the polyelectrolyte is fully activated, less polymer is required and the unit provides a positive pay back in less than one year.

One of the main themes at HEI keys upon process needs for resource recovery equipment. Our Alert 2000, is such an item used to recover valuable metals. The zero discharge system provides reuse of purified water with zero liquid discharge.

In House Bench Scale Testing
• In House Bench Scale Testing

Zero discharge equipment utilizes conventional precipitation, followed by membrane separation equipment to produce a reusable high quality water. The customer may reuse the treated water directly back in their process line. The waste dissolved salts is evaporated to highly concentrated brine for disposal or solidification. The precipitated and compacted solids are dried to further reduce the volume of waste.

HEI developed the use of double pass reverse osmosis systems producing 2 – 3 micro Siemen purity water for NOx abatement in gas fired turbines. The high purity water is produced without employing mixed bed de-ionization equipment, the use of chemicals, or generation of waste chemicals.

Hoffland Environmental pioneered the treatment of waste from CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations ) by economically removing the waste solids and biologically treating the remaining liquids. Nitrification/denitrification microbial cultures are utilized to remove the high levels of nitrogen. The treated water, free of nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus, may be utilized for irrigation without over-nitrifying the soil. HEI has been granted US Patent No. 6054044 for this unique process.

For the large CAFO (OVER 1000 ANIMAL UNITS) Ph is more economical to concentrate and digest the solids with mesophilic anaerobic bacterial cultures. The methane by-product is used to produce electricity for sale and heat the rector to sustain the mesophilic microbes. The treated anaerobic digester effluent is furth4er processed under aerobic conditions to remove the remaining BOD and nitrify/denitrify the nitrogen containing compounds. This technology provide a net positive return on the capital invested in the wastewater treatment equipment.

In 1994, HEI established an engineering and sales office in Minsk, Belarus operating as AETE (American Ecological Technologies and Equipment) to serve the industries through the CIS (former USSR). Turn-key facilities have been installed for:

HEI holds all required licenses in Russia to import, manufacture, and install wastewater treatment equipment.

In 1990, HEI established a strategic partnership with ACS Medio Ambiente, Mexico City to provide industrial wastewater treatment equipment for Mexico and Central America. ACS maintains a facility for engineering, sales, manufacturing and installation of HEI’s standard equipment. Major projects have been completed for:

  • Nissan, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Electrodepositos, S.A. DE C.V., Naucalpan, Edo.
  • Tubos De Acero De Mexico, Veracruz
  • Recubrimientos Metalicas, Col. Aragon
  • Mexinox, S.A. DE C.V., San Luis Potosi
  • Chrysler, Mexico City, Mexico

As the new millennium commences, HEI has expanded to mainland China by opening a sales and engineering office in Beijing. HEI has supplied several wastewater treatment facilities to China’s metal finishing and petrochemical industries. The new office will provide engineering, start-up supervision, and service to our existing customers and supply a more responsive service for our future customers.

Licensed manufacturers operate in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Singapore, and Taiwan.

HEI designs, engineers, manufactures, and installs complete industrial wastewater treatment facilities. A complete system may include the following sub systems:

HEI systems are in operation in these industries:



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