Corpus Christi Naval Air Station

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Corpus Christi Naval Air Station
South Texas Area OICC/ROICC
Building 19, Suite 101
8851 Ocean Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78419-5224
Phone: 512-939-2154
Size: $350,000.00
Type: Turn-key wastewater treatment system.
Industry: Aircraft Overhaul
Project Engineer: Abel DeLeon
Project Completed: October 1994


HEI supplied a turn-key wastewater treatment system to reduce chromate and remove heavy metals, with a dryer to produce dry solids. HEI designed and manufactured the following:

  1. Lift station
  2. Chromate reduction
  3. Chemical conditioning
  4. HEI clarifier, 440/60/MC
  5. Multi-media polishing filter
  6. Sludge thickener
  7. HEI filter press, B-10
  8. HEI sludge dryer, 2 cu. ft./hr.


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