OMC Corporation

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OMC Corporation
200 Sea Horse Drive
Waukegan, IL 60085
Phone: 312-689-6200
Size: $6,200,000.00
Type: 12 plants total (avg. plant 60 gpm).
Industry: Painting, Aluminum Processing
Project Adm.: Roger Crawford
Project Engineer: Larry Keller

HEI has designed, fabricated and installed twelve (12) plants for Outboard Marine Corporation at the following locations: Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Calhoun, Georgia; Burnsville, North Carolina; Sardis, Mississippi; Lexington, Tennessee; Waukegan, Illinois; Andrews, North Carolina; two (2) Rutherfordton, North Carolina; two (2) Manawa, Wisconsin; and Juarez, Mexico. The plants treat hexavalent chromium generated as a waste product from aluminum pre-plant treatment.


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