Sara Lee Products

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Sara Lee Products
1000 East Hanes Mill Road
Winston Salem, NC 27105
Phone: 910-519-5610
Size: Three (3) Systems
Type: Ponce, PR – 600 gpm continuous flow; Winston Salem, NC – 300 gpm continuous flow; Ashbrook, NC – Batch unit.
Industry: Textile Dye Removal
Project Engineer: Don Brown
Project Completion: 1996

HEI supplied three systems for the physical/chemical separation of textile dye waste. HEI designed, manufactured and installed the following:

  1. Lift station
  2. HEI two stage chemical conditioning
  3. HEI 2000/60/MC clarifier
  4. HEI 12 x 24 sludge thickener
  5. HEI D-100 filter press on an elevated stand
  6. SCADA control system, with monitoring from HEI’s Conroe computer center
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