Singleton Seafood

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Singleton Seafood
5024 Uceta
Tampa, FL
Phone: 813-241-1529
Size: $571,000.00
Type: 210 gpm dissolved air flotation system.
Industry: Food Processing
Project Engineer: Mike McLaughlin
Project Completion: May 1996

HEI supplied a 350 gpm turn-key wastewater treatment system to remove oil and grease and suspended solids. HEI designed and manufactured the following:

  1. One (1) 25,000 gallon equalization tank
  2. Chemical conditioning
  3. One (1) HEI 16 ft. diameter dissolved air flotation unit
  4. HEI sludge thickener, 10’ x 18’
  5. One (1) 100 cubic feet filter press
  6. Central PLC control panel
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