Summitville Consolidated Mining

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Summitville Consolidated Mining
P. O. Box 2G
Del Norte, CO
Phone: 719-657-2741
Size: $960,000.00
Type: 350 gpm cyanide oxidation and toxic metal removal system.
Industry: Metal Refining, Gold Processing
Project Adm.: Tom Chisolm
Project Engineer: Jeff Clark
Project Completed: April 1989

Turn-key project for cyanide oxidation of spent gold leaching liquor, using gaseous chlorine and precipitation of copper to .010 ppm and silver to .001 ppm with soluble sulfide. The project included six (6) HEI 12,000 gal mixed reaction tanks, two (2) 2,000 ft.2. HEI inclined plate clarifiers, 100 ft.2 automatic media filter, 32,000 gal HEI sludge thickener, HEI 100 ft.3 filter press and automatic process & control instrumentation system.

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