Vinnitsa Meat Packing Plant

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Vinnitsa Meat Packing Plant
Kirov Street 1
Vinnitsa, Ukraine 287100
Size: $960,000.00
Type: Turn-key dissolved air flotation to process 500 gpm slaughter house waste.
Industry: Slaughter House
Project Engineer: Abattoir Al Oleinik
Project Completed: 1998

HEI supplied a turn-key wastewater treatment facility with 10,000 sq. ft. pre-engineered metal building to remove fats, oil, grease, and suspended solids from 500m3/hr meat processing wastewater. HEI designed, manufactured and installed the following:

  1. Lift station
  2. Rotary separating screen
  3. Air flotation and recovery of grease
  4. Chemical conditioning
  5. Two (2) dissolved air flotation units
  6. Sludge thickener
  7. Two (2) filter presses
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