White Oaks Farm

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White Oaks Farm
604 Benton Pond Road
Fremont, NC
Phone: 919-242-2117
Size: 3750 sows and 4000 finishing hogs
Type: Biological nitrificaiton/denitrification of waste from large scale confinement of swine (CAFO).
Industry: Swine Production
Owner: Todd Ballance
Project Completed: 1998

HEI supplied a turn-key plant to remove suspended solids and nutrients from swine wastewater. The system reduces the available nitrogen in the wastewater by 90%, reducing the land required for nutrient distribution by 90%. HEI designed, manufactured and installed the following:

  1. Two (2) lift stations
  2. Two (2) HEI conveyorized screen separators
  3. Two (2) HEI custom designed clarifiers
  4. Converted a anaerobic lagoon into an aerobic treatment plant with blowers and aeration systems.
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