Youngstown Airforce Base

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Youngstown Airforce Base
3976 King Graves Road
910 AW/COER Youngstown-Warren RGL/ARPT
ARS Vienna, Ohio 44473-0910
Phone: 330-609-1786
Size: $1,297,000.00
Type: Biological oxidation, TTO removal
Industry: Aircraft Overhaul
Project Engineer: Bob Woods
Project Completion: October 1997

Turn-key wastewater treatment installation to include underground collection system with man holes and 40X60 engineered metal building, two @ 20,000 gal below grade collection, equalization tanks, liquid solid separator, treat wastewater from washing and repairing aircraft. Surety bond provided for project. HEI designed, manufactured and installed the following:

  1. Collection system from seven buildings
  2. Lift station 30’ deep
  3. Oil water separator
  4. Bio-reactor to remove soluble organic compounds
  5. Dissolved air flotation
  6. Sand filter
  7. Carbon filter
  8. Filter press
  9. Sludge thickener with motorized rake
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