HEI Polymixer




The Patented Polymixer unit thoroughly dilutes and ages emulsion polymers into a fully activated and uniformly diluted polymer solution. Pressurized water and small quantities of concentrated polymer are blended together within an in-line mixing chamber. The mixing unit contains a perforated turbine style impeller driven by a direct drive heavy duty motor and is baffled to produce high energy mixing of G-10,000 sec-1 throughout the entire mixing chamber eliminating channeling and vortexing. Even high viscosity polymer may be rapidly blended in the high energy mixing chamber producing a consistent flow of homogeneous diluted polymer, free of “strings” and “fish eyes”. The mixing chamber is constructed of transparent plastic with the entire mixing process readily visible to the operator.

The diluted molecules of polymer then pass through a Patented Aging Chamber which provides polymer adequate time to hydrate into highly active long chains of polymer. Since the fragile polymer molecules’ integrity is maintained, the activity level attained is far superior to diluted polymer solutions produced in non-aged polymer blending devices.

Reduce Polymer Consuption

High shear mixing together with the Polymixer’s patented aging chamber completely activates polymer to significantly reduce polymer consumption. The mixing chamber subjects emulsion polymers to an ultrahigh shear zone (G=10,000 sec-1 for up to 30 seconds) to mechanically strip the polymer of oil, uniformly disperse and prevent agglomeration; leaving microscopic particles (near molecular in size) of polymer to hydrate. The 15 gallon patented aging chamber mounted beneath the mixing chamber provides polymer sufficient aging time (up to 10 minutes) to hydrate into long chains of highly active polymer.

Polymer Activation Test Results

Polymixer Activation Test Results

A recent independent test conducted on polymer aging exhibits a significant improvement in the percentage of activity created by increasing the aging time of polymer. A comparison was made using two competitive polymer mixing units without aging and the HEI Polymixer which has a 10 minute aging time. The same metering pump on the same setting was used in the test. Conductivity readings are in microSiemens. The above graph details the test results.

The blue area represents the conductivity of the dilution water. The total bar chart, blue plus red, represents total conductivity at the exit of the polymer mixing device. Activation efficiency can be determined by the following test.

Activation Test: [(CT1-C1) ÷ (CT2-C1)] X 100 = __________% Activity.
Competition [(330-300) ÷ (500-300)] X 100 = 15%
HEI Polymixer [(515 - 300) ÷ (525 - 300)] X 100 = 96%
Where C1 = conductivity of feed water, CT1 = conductivity at discharge of unit, and CT2 = conductivity after 1 hour of aging.

The competitor’s unit without an aging chamber provided only 15% of the available activity of the polymer discharge. (Note: Since the competitive models do not have high turbulent mixing chambers, the emulsion polymer particles are not adequately “wetted” and then even after an hour of aging time, the polymer reaches only 60% of full activation.) The HEI unit developed 96% of the available activity, registering conductivity of 515 microSiemens. Since the HEI Polymixer produces an activated polymer having up to 5 times the activity rate of the competitive model, it is readily apparent that for equivalent results, the polymer consumption with an HEI system will be substantially less. If you spend $800 per month on polymer, a 50% reduction of polymer usage would cover the cost of replacing your ineffective system in less than one year.


Low Maintenance

Commonly failed parts contained in competitive polymer feeders such as belts and side-loaded bearings do not exist with the Polymixer. The mixer motor is connected to the impeller via a stainless steel direct shaft drive. All components that make-up the unit have been engineered to be readily accessible. The operator can easily access any Polymixer component within minutes.

Standard Features

  • Patented 15 Gallon Aging Chamber
  • Clear Plexiglas Mixing Chamber
  • Heavy Duty 3/4 h.p. Direct Drive TEFC Motor
  • Stainless Steel Direct Drive Impeller
  • Adjustable Stroke Polymer Pump w/Priming Port
  • Weather Tight Electrical Components
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Low Pressure Shut-off Switch
  • Power loss Water Shut-off Valve
  • 30 Day Unconditional Warranty
  • 1 Year Warranty/Parts

Fully Automated

Eliminate time-consuming, inconsistent batches of wasted polymer. The Polymixer automatically and continuously blends concentrations of emulsion polymer with pressurized water. Either low water pressure or a power loss will shut the unit off automatically.

Optional Features

  • Explosion Proof PolymixerRemote 4-20 ma Controllable
  • External Pacing
  • Post Dilution
  • 30 Gallon Aging Chamber
  • Wall Mounting Bracket/Stand
  • Backflow Preventer Valves
  • Drum Wand/Drum Air Dryer
  • Calibration Tube
  • Low Flow Shut-Off Switch
  • Auto-Flush
  • Explosion Proof
  • Standard Pump – Precise Manually Adjustable
  • Slave Pump – Manual/External Control
  • Smart Pump – Custom Built into the Pump

General Specifications

DIMENSIONS: 24″ dia, 32″ tall, 180 lb. empty 300 lb. service weight.

MATERIALS: Mixer motor is a 3/4 HP TEFC direct drive continuous duty, 1725 rpm operation (110 VAC, 60 HZ, 11 amps). Mixing chamber is constructed of clear Plexiglas with four stainless steel baffles, enclosing a stainless steel impeller mounted to a stainless steel shaft. A ceramic/Buna-n mechanical seal is used. Aging chamber is constructed of PVC and polypropylene. Internal chambers are also PVC.

INPUT/OUTPUT FITTINGS: Input 1/2″ FNPT for 100 gph/300 gph, 1″ FNPT for 10 gpm/20 gpm. Output 1″ FNPT.

MAX WATER PRESSURE: 100 psig, 30 psig minimum.

ELECTRICAL: 100 VAC, 60 HZ, max 15 amps, single phase service, 3-prong grounded plug.

Model No. Dilution GPH Polymer GPH Inlet
PM-100-0.2 100 0.2 1/2 1
PM-100-1.0 100 1.0 1/2 1
PM-300-1.0 300 1.0 1/2 1
PM-300-1.83 300 1.83 1/2 1
PM-600-1.0 600 1.0 1 1
PM-600-1.83 600 1.83 1 1
PM-600-5.0 600 5.0 1 1
PM-1200-5.0 1200 5.0 1 1
PM-1200-9.0 1200 9.0 1 1
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