Pre Engineered Turnkey Systems


HEI has been constructing pre-engineeres continious flow waste water treatment systems for 30 years. As a result, HEI has a drawing file for over 600 previous ly installed industrial waste water treatment systems.

Not only does this track record assure the customer of indepth experience but also provides a huge file for the HEI engineers to reference. The project engineers are able to adopt exhisting drawings to reduvce the engineering time required for the next ptoject as well as provide a long list of proven installations.

The pre-engineered systems have been installed for facilities having flow rates of 25 – 600 GPM. HEI Provides factory assembled package units for 5 – 20 GPM, please refer to “factory assembled package systems”.
This Pre-Engineeres system has two each
60 GPM process trains. The first treating
chromate waste, and the seciond treating
waste warter containing highly chelated copper.
This system provides 600 GPM of waste water with high level of suspended solids.
This system uses a Dissolcved Air Floatation technology to separate oily solids from a continious flow of 500 GPM.

Pretreatment Modules

HEI has pre engineered pre treatment modules for:

  • Chromate reduction
  • Cyanide Ocidation
  • Chelated Heavy Metals
  • Conditioning of Suspended solids

Additional Sub-Systems can be added for:

  • Membrane Separation
  • Water Reuse
  • Filter Press for Sludge Composition
  • Sludge Dryers to reduce volume
  • BOD removal to reduce the sewer sur charges

Batch Treatment

For small intermittent flow or 500-5000 gallens per day, HEI has a line of Batch Treatment Systems.


The waste water is collected and transferred to a pre-engineered batch bank. The Batch Treatment process may be automated or each step controlled by the operator. The treated water is decanted and the collected sludge is either composted in HEI a sludge compaction cast or the standard HEI filter presses.

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