Product Information

ALERT WT- Waste Minimization
- Space Minimization
- Effluent Guarantee
- $ Economical Operation

ALERT block diagram
The Alert 2000 Wastewater Treatment (WT) System is a self-contained, automated, chemical conditioning and suspended solids separation system designed to precipitate metals from wastewater solutions for waste disposal and water purification. The Alert 2000 (WT) System is designed to process solutions containing either one specific metal or varieties of metals with extreme concentrations and produce an effluent guaranteed not to exceed two parts per million (ppm). The Alert 2000 has been condensed into one fully skid-mounted wastewater treatment system complete with lift station, chemical neutralization, flocculation, liquid solid separation, sludge thickening, sludge compaction and dewatering, and central processing unit which automatically controls the entire process.The Alert 2000 is completely skid mounted and requires only 1 hour for complete installation. Engineered to adapt with tight spaces restrictions, the system utilized only 35 to 85 square feet (depending on model size) and processes 2.5 to 20 gallons per minute proportionally. These continuous flow rates may also be treated on a batch bases.

Optional equipment any also be included with the Alert 2000 (WT) System for assistance with solutions containing cyanide, alkaline, complex metals, and hexavalent chromium. Other options include pH adjustment and media filters for compliance with extremely tight effluent restrictions.

Waste Minimization

The Alert 2000 (WT) System chemically precipitates wastewater, separating suspended heavy metals from solution and compressing them into dry sludge cakes if 25 of 60% totals solids concentration. This concentration of solids produces dramatic reductions in sludge volume and their associated disposal costs; up to 10 times.

Space Minimization

This self-contained, fully skid-mounted, automated wastewater treatment system utilized only 35 to 85 square feet (depending upon model size) and continuously processes 2.5 to 20 gallons per minute; proportionally.

Standard Features
  • Lift Station
  • Chemical Neutralization Chamber
  • Flocculation Chamber
  • Liquid Solid Separation Chamber
  • Motorized Rake Bottom Clarifier
  • Filter Press
  • Central Processing Unit
  • Metering Pumps/Probes
  • Analog Meter
  • Polymer Make-Up System
  • 1 Year Warranty
Water Reuse

Treated effluents are guaranteed to contain less than two parts per million (ppm) of individual heavy metals, in most cases well under one ppm. This luxury provides Alert 2000 customers with the option of reusing their processed water with zero discharge or discharging their effluent through conventional drains. Optional multi-media filters may be included for compliance with extreme effluent limitations.

Optional Features
  • Chelated Metal Precipitation
    Additional chemical precipitation agents can be added to destroy strong chelating agent and complexing agents. The micro-colloidal particles are then destabilized and precipitated.
  • Cyanide Oxidation System
  • Chromate Reduction System
  • pH Adjustment System
  • Effluent Lift Station
  • Bag Filters
  • Multimedia Filters
  • pH Recorder
    A Recorder may be installed to continuously monitor the pH.
  • Audible Alarm
Optional Features

  1. Model 25: H = 87 1/8″, W = 59″, L = 84″, 35 sq. ft.
  2. Model 50: H= 98″, W = 81 5/8″, L = 134 1/4″, 76 sq. ft.
  3. Model 100: H = 115″, W = 83 5/8″, L = 146 1/4″, 85 sq. ft.

Max Flow:

  1. Model 25: 5.0 gpm
  2. Model 50: 10.0 gpm
  3. Model 100 : 20.0 gpm

Utility Requirements: Air: 90 psig; 30 SKIFF, Electricity: 110 VAC; 60 HO, 20 KVA, max 30 amps, single phase service, 3-prong grounded plug.

Surface Finish: All steel is sandblasted to an SP-10 finish. Interior is coated with two coats of corrosion resistant high build immersion paint. Total thickness – 6 mils. Exterior is coated with high build epoxy paint and finished with one coat of polyurethane epoxy paint; total average thickness – 4 mils.

Fabrication: Steel Plates shall be ASTM A-36 or equal. Steel Flat Bar and Angle shall be 1020 or equal.

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