Using Swine Manure to Generate Electricity


Bio ’Lec – Hog Manure to Biogas to Electricity

HOG MANURE TO BIO GAS TO ELECTRICITY – HEI’s Bio ’Lec Process turns swine waste into biogas that is then turned into electricity.


Hoffland Environmental Inc. (HEI) has developed high-performance, patented, water and wastewater treatment technologies that naturally extend into the area of solids and particulate removal to include sludge handling. This extends into processes that treat biowaste such as manure and agricultural silage. The company builds novel filters, clarifiers and separation equipment that is totally synergistic and integrated into both aerobic and anaerobic treatment systems with the latter tied to digestion that produces a valuable, clean, medium-Btu fuel-gas.


The HEI Bio ’Lec process is a patented anaerobic treatment technology that optimizes biogas production by integrating manure + agricultural-based feedstock technology with process engineering principles related to: hydrolysis, materials handling and sizing, balanced recycling of biomass, temperature control (that is set to match feedstock input and flow rates), and digestion optimization to maximize the production of biogas. Bio ’Lec totally integrates water reuse to produce an irrigation water whose fertilizer components (nitrogen, phosphorous and micro-nutrients) become an added bonus to farm profitability.

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Bio ’Lec is a technology that delivers optimized, new, renewable, “green” energy utilizing advanced anaerobic digestion. The goal is to provide users with the most efficient and sustainable technology that is both profitable and environmentally proven to enhance air quality (eliminates odor), water and solid waste. Bio ’Lec has the flexibility to combine and utilize a wide variety of manures and agricultural-based feedstocks (especially ag-wastes) to produce electricity that is then sold to the nation’s grid.


Three patents associated with the Bio’Lec process are currently in effect and a fourth patent is under application. The issued patents include:

US Patent No. US 7,585,413 B2 Sep. 8, 2009

US Patent No. US 7,005,068 B2 Feb. 28, 2006

US Patent No. US 6,630,072 B2 Oct. 7, 2003






Hoffland Environmental, Inc. (HEI) has developed an economical system to anaerobically treat swine waste creating biogas, and from that biofuel producing electricity. The environmentally friendly process eliminates odors, reduces green-house gases, and creates an income stream while providing clean irrigation water. All plant nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorous & potash are preserved and retained with irrigation water.

HEI’s patented process has successfully been utilized in commercial operations since 2008. [The animal waste may also be from bovine, dairy, poultry, goats, sheep and additional cultivated bio mass]. One of the main features of the plant is waste heat recovery and utilization optimizing digester operation.

In the HEI facility, swine waste is pumped into a three-step anaerobic digester system consisting of an inoculators, incubator and, a covered in-ground, lined, stabilized extended digester. Reaction zones and mesophillic temperature are controlled to optimize biogas production. Such process control maximizes the amount of electricity that is generated. The process also utilizes biogas purification control equipment to eliminate sulfur compounds and particulates.


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HEI has developed to remove sulfur from biogas.


The Midwest CHP Application Center, in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, organized and implemented the two one-day workshops to inform and educate Iowa swine producers and animal science students on the issues and benefits of both methane recovery from hog waste and the integration of methane recovery with CHP.The following were presented by Robert Hoffland, founder of Hoffland Environmental, Inc.

Animal Waste Becomes a Newable Energy Source (pdf 2.2mb)

Technical Integration of CHP with Digesters (pdf 614k)

Typical Electrical Production From Hog Manure

Hoffland Environmental Inc (HEI) is successfully operating a 1.0 megawatt power generation facility on the island of Cyprus (Europe). The plant utilizes hog manure as fuel producing biogas that, in turn, drives Gen-Set supplying electricity to the grid.

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